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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Shortly before I was about to get ready for church, Ginger caught a bird. Now normally I would lock them out and let them carry on, but I can't stand the way they torture their prey. Unlike wild cats who attack for the pure reason of killing and feeding, domestic cats enjoy playing with their prey.

I had a choice; ignore the torture outside and go to church, or, rescue the bird. I rescued the bird. Not sure what to do with it I walked around trying to find help, as I certainly would not have succeeded in rehabilitating the little thing in my home. Luckily I was referred to a lady that volunteers for an animal rehab centre and I took the birdie to her.

Mankind was being tortured too. Satan had taken control of the planet and was dominating our world. That is until Jesus stepped in and became the saviour we all needed. God too could not sit back any longer while we were being tortured and stepped in to rescue us.

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