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Sunday, August 6, 2017

44 but who's counting?

Wow! Mid 40's already. I never would have thought it would happen this fast. 7 August is my birthday and I have a little game I've played with the numbers of in my birth date: 07/08/1973. If you split the numbers into groups of 4 with a separator in between (for convenience an =) an interesting scenario appears, let me show you.

0 +7 0+8 = 1+9 7+3
7 + 8 = 10 + 10
15 = 20
1 + 5 = 2 + 0
6 = 2
6 + 2....... = 8

I might have lost a few of you, but never mind too much. No matter what arrangement I place the numbers in I always end up with either an 8 or a 7. Quite bizarre!

But what is the significance in all of that? I believe God is very specific. At this point in my life I am not at the place in life that I want to be personally, but I do believe that God has a divine plan for my life and that one day it will all make wonderful balanced sense. God is very precise about numbers.

One of my best friends dad passed away last week and I mentioned to her that her dad really was a brilliant business man....and he closed out of the life business, precisely at close of business on 31 July.... That certainly does not surprise me. We love him and miss him dearly.

Every day in our lives is unique and special, even when we don't see its significance and beauty.

As I celebrate my birthday this 07/08/2017 (Lol - More 7's and 8's) I choose to believe in God's wonderful plan for me. Will you join me in having faith for your life too?

P.S. And 44? 4+4=8 Go figure!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bright lights

I have this annoying thing that happens with my bedroom lights. For some unknown reason I have noticed that it won't be too long after I have changed globes, the one light will burn out/blow really quickly. Then, due to my hatred of changing light bulbs (too scared I'm going to fall off the ladder), it stays that way until the next bulb bursts, which for some unknown reason, takes a very long time. In all that time my eyes get used to the slowly dimming lights as it fades in strength.

Then once the second one has blown, its off to the shops and I replace them both.....and oh boy it is just so darn bright. So much so that I feel uncomfortable and exposed. Weak light makes it difficult to read, while overly bright light creates glare.....I think its time to change my lights, tee hee.

When we first come to God, it is like being bowled over in love. As time goes by and God begins to work in our hearts, it is as if the brightest light has come on and we don't know where to hide to get away from its glare. Let me encourage you my friend, don't run away. Your spiritual eyes will adjust and when they do you will enjoy being able to see your life clearly for what it is and it will make dealing with issues so much easier.

Monday, July 24, 2017

My concept of church

Wow! I have never been as challenged about my concept of church as I was on Sunday. Typical me, I wasn't on children's church duty, so I dawdled through the morning to go to second service because we had a children's church lunch on after that. No sooner had I left home (not even out the complex driveway) when I was hit by a major sinus attack. My eyes swelled with water and burned as the almost toxic late winter dust and fire smog filled air got in my eyes and sent my dust allergies flaring.

Needless to say I arrived at church very late. I didn't want to embarrass myself by walking into the auditorium late so I went into one of the other venues where they have some lounge chairs out and they had the service playing on TV screens right in that spot. As I sat there it struck me as to how we limit God and our perception and reality of what the church really is.

In terms of buildings I've experienced so many, from Holy cathedrals, to massive auditoriums, to small intimate chapels....but... the truest church of all has been found in the warmest loving hug of great spiritual friend who has stood by me through thick and thin.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

For the love of a kitty

With Honey and Ginger I can't remember how it happened or when it happened, because it was all so organic and being male kitties they would rub themselves against me constantly to mark me as their territory, but their affection towards me just grew each year. Ginger is now highly affectionate when he chooses and it is easy to love him. I still miss my darling Honey-Bear dearly and think of him daily.

The challenge for me was little Topaz, even though her stay at the shelter was really short when compared to some of the other cats that had been there a while, she arrived very hardened, afraid and unloving. Biting me was a daily routine and it took a long while just to work that habit out of her with love, but getting any affection or being able to tickle her was practically impossible.

So I began with tickling her when she came in from her morning run around. I would tickle her while she was feeding, then slowly I have been able to find other ways to encourage a few tickles. Now her training has grown even more to her now doing the same thing that Honey and Ginger do and that is jumping on top of the toilet when I get out the shower and while I dry my feet she gets a daily tickle.....and boy can I see that she is starting to like it, much to my delight.

I've said it before but I believe God brought Topaz into my life to teach me how to love people who have been hurt and wounded by life and how to reach out to them with constant love and affection. Yes, people will bite and hurt you too, but if you stay put and you just keep at it, slowly they will be able to relax and open up to you.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dead end of winter

My beautiful pomegranate has all but lost all its leaves, the berry bushes are seemingly lifeless stalks and anything that is growing or alive is still looking okay, all be it a tad shabby and for the time being all the plants are being left to just be. This as the dead end of winter finally shows its claws.

I know though that in roughly 4 weeks time, seemingly out of nowhere and with no sight of spring yet visible the new buds will appear and herald in the seasons change once again. But in this seemingly dead end time how do I just let things be in peace and know that all is well and will be resurrected in spring once again? Well because this happens year after year.

Our spiritual lives go through these dead phases too. Dreams may seem crushed, hearts may be broken, life may seem lonely, physical pain may seem never ending.....but if we wait for God and trust in His timing, then as sure as the laws of nature, new life will spring forth again.

So if you are tired and feeling weary, take some time to rest in God. Rest in the knowledge that He has everything planned as it should be.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Perfectly cosy

I am attending a two day course on the other side of Joburg to where I live. Most people would have just done the longer drive in the morning and not worried about it. Me, I'm not a morning person, so fighting double distance traffic for two days wasn't an option. Besides the course I am doing is going to require some introspection and thought and although I miss my kitties dearly, they do demand all my attention when I am home and I knew I just would not gain what I needed to if I stayed at home.

So I've checked into a very small cosy 1 bed cottage B&B for the two nights which puts me closer to my destination. I could have figured out a plan to go for something more expensive but my birthday is around the corner and I know I'll be doing something special then, so for now, cosy suites me just fine.

Paul says in Philippians 4:12 [paraphrased] that he knows how to have much and he knows how to do with little. There are times when it is completely necessary for us to be removed from the comforts of home so that we can learn gratitude and appreciation for what we have. Today I am grateful for the blessings of my beautiful home and the beautiful mountain that I get to look out on every day from my window and when I go for walks with my kitties.

Thank you God for all beautiful blessings you bestow on us daily.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A while before it is done

Well it all is taking quite some time...that is sorting out all my PC issues and I have decided that when it is done, I must have two fully functional laptops that can do what I need them to do even if I turn the old one into nothing more than a terminal machine.

The reason for such a strong decision is that I am almost helpless to control all the aspects of my life that need controlling without it. Does that make me a control freak? No I don't think so, I simply recognize that busy people with a lot of responsibility require more support, be it technical or otherwise to get things done, so I need to make sure I'm covered. Then there is also the added benefit that should I loose one to theft, I won't be stranded again. This long season with limited computing power has been utterly frustrating.

Jesus understood the frustrations of not being able to get things done. He encountered it everyday in the helpless lives of people that reached out to Him for a miracle because there simply were no other solutions to their problems at hand.

God knows our fears and frustrations when we are run off our feet and yet still fee like we are treading water. Whatever your situation today, call out to Jesus in the same way the His people did, “Son of God, have mercy on me.” Then open up your heart and prepare to receive strength from on high!