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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Run that by me again

If there is one thing I have learned it is how deeply a mother hurts when her children are in any kind of pain, physically or emotionally. I cannot begin to imagine the pain and agony Mary must have suffered in that final week before her Son's Crucifixion and then seeing her Son hanging on that cross. What I do believe though is that there is much about Jesus life before ministry that has been kept hidden from our eyes.

Mary knew her Son was different from any other man. From the moment of the miraculous conception and the Angel's visit, she knew their lives would not be ordinary. I can believe we can draw inference from her behaviour that there must have been many times throughout Jesus life where they would have sat down and discussed how things would play out. I know certainly if I had been Jesus mother and known His future destiny, I would have said to Him many times, “run me through this again, I need to understand.” In the movie, “The passion of the Christ” we simply see her say, “it begins.”

Yes...... I believe she did know. As a Jewish woman she would have been aware of the hope of the Messiah and though in that time women were not educated, I believe Jesus would have sat with her many times and explained the scriptures and all the prophesies about His arrest, the mock trial, the persecution and then His death.

But.... I believe she also knew one other thing! He would rise again. Do you not find it odd that after His resurrection that scripture makes no reference at all to Mary being in shock or disbelief? No, she knew, she really knew. At the time Mary would not have had the benefit of hind sight therefore she had to trust her Son's words to be true.

Today we do have the benefit of hind sight, we know the full story from beginning to end and there is only one thing left for us to do................................................


May you and your family be blessed this Easter and I'll see you again on the other side of resurrection Sunday!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rolling the dice

Rolling a dice is such a random act and in the most cases the results leave one at the mercy of chance. The Roman soldiers rolled dice to decide on how they would split Jesus garments. It seems like such an insignificant act that it makes one wonder why it is mentioned in scripture.

Truth is there was nothing that God left to chance on any of the details of Jesus Crucifixion. Every detail was meticulously planned and as if by rehearsal foretold throughout the old testament. Psalm 22:18 reads “They divided my clothes among themselves and throw dice for my garments.”

Prophets throughout the centuries declared details of that fateful week and even a study of Genesis will prove that from the dawn of mankind, the fall of Adam, the salvation story was begun.

But, you may say, this was the most significant event of all time so yes, it would be foretold and well planned. Our lives seem so much more random. Yet in the same way that God's words foretold these events in Jesus life they are as applicable to us today.

Look at what the scriptures prophesy about our lives:

Psalm 139:16 “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were before one of them came true.”

God has every detail prepared and written for your life. When times are dark, trust in Him for He will guide you on your ordained path if you allow Him to truly direct your life.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A horse or a donkey?

Palm Sunday is a Holy day commemorating the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as He entered riding a donkey. Interestingly a King riding a horse symbolized a King intent on war while the donkey symbolized peace.

This amazing event was prophesied nearly 500 years before Christ in Zachariah 9:9, “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.”

Jesus made His intentions clear, He was to rule His Kingdom as a King of peace. This infuriated His followers who were of the opinion that the Messiah was to be a strong political figure who would bring them deliverance from the Romans.

This is beautifully depicted in the Amy Grant song, El Shaddai:

Though the people couldn't see
What Messiah ought to be
Though Your Word contained the plan
They just would not understand
Your most awesome work was done
Through the frailty of Your Son

Let us not make the same mistake of putting false expectations on the visitation of Christ in our lives as Messiah, but let God reign in all our lives supremely and in power as we grieve during this Holy week.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Justice is served

With all the recent attention around court events it got me thinking that there are probably many people who have difficulty in grasping God's justice system and how it works. To begin to understand this we need to know that there are two justice systems we work with, one being heaven's justice and the other, earth's justice.

How does God view sin? Strangely to us, in God's eyes all sin is viewed equally. I say strangely because God views murder and stealing a pen from the office in equal light, with equal punishment required. To us that is totally bizarre but God does not distinguish. In God's eyes all sin requires the same justice, death.

God however knew that no man would ever be able to meet His high standard of righteousness which is why He decided to make one sacrifice, for all of mankind, for all eternity. He sent Jesus to die on our behalf to meet His law that a sacrificial lamb must be slain to atone for our sins.

Here is the amazing part. Because of that one sacrifice, all who repent and receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour receive the same salvation, eternal life. Therefore a murderer and a petty office thief who both confess their sins and ask for salvation, will be saved and will receive the blessing of being in right standing and communion with God. The blood of Jesus atones for their sin.

There is however one thing that God does not do. He does not remove the physical consequences for our sin. There must be justice and restitution. When Jesus was hanging on the cross and the thief asked to be remembered, Jesus did not assist the thief to escape His punishment. Both Jesus and the two men crucified along side Him died that day. The thief however was given eternal life.

These concepts may be hard for us to grasp but our God is a God of justice and His law must be fulfilled in each of our lives.

If you are struggling to come to terms with these concepts and need further guidance, please feel free to email your questions to me at: GWG.Ronwyn@gmail.com

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

An ode to my cell phone battery

Oh battery, battery, small and black
How is that you are always flat
From you I cannot part
Which really really breaks my heart
I'm stuck with you
Through too year two
And oh dear that does make me feel blue

Oh why oh why can they not just give you an extra battery with your phone so that you can change it after the 1st year? Some things are just not built to last.

In contrast God's word is everlasting and has stood the test of time and proven itself to be the undisputed truth.

In a world where we can seldom place reliance on anything, trust and rely on God's word as it is indeed eternal.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Caught in the act

I'm grateful that my Honey is once again making a recovery from a his medical issues.  The vet did however insist that all commercial foods be discontinued and that he stick to his prescription diet.  The problem is that cats are scavengers by nature due to their strong survival instincts.  This means I've had to enlist the help of my neighbours.

While visiting one neighbour last night to negotiate with her to use the only other safe alternative my little guy snuck in and politely tucked into her cats food.  He was caught in the act and while I was annoyed by the intrusion it did go to prove my point.

His sins earned him a spank and he was removed and chased home, Lol!

We are all caught in the act of sin one time or another.  How did Jesus handle indiscretion?  We see this beautifully displayed in the story of the women caught in adultery.  Scholars believe that this women was dragged into the street to face Jesus naked, while the man involved was left to walk free.  Jesus response?  Total grace.  He challenged the pharisees by writing in the sand and they left one by one.

The apostles make no mention of what He wrote but by their response it is believed that He may have written down the names of all the men who had committed the same act with this very women.  We are all quick to judge but I think we need to ask ourselves how we would want to be treated in the same situation.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Your pick of thorns

Have you ever noticed that we all have some area of life that is just always a catch point. For some it may be illness, for others career problems or finances, relationships, temperament, or many others. Why is it that we all just have a particular area that always causes us to struggle?

The Apostle Paul writes about this when he talks about his “thorn in the flesh.” I'm so glad he never named his thorn but simply stated that it was a problem. Otherwise we may be tempted to say, “I'm so glad I don't struggle with that.”

Instead of criticizing yourself or others for the difficulties we all face in life, rather offer empathy, caring and love. When we do that we fulfill God's commandment to carry each others burdens. If you are facing difficulties right now, you are in my thoughts and prayers.