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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bed time for babies

Oh my goodness, don't tell me that pets don't behave like children! Well ja, I know cats don't normally sleep well at night due to being nocturnal but in our crowded suburbs where other cats lurk around it just isn't safe to let them have free reign of the house. That's not to mention the problems you have trying to keep other cats out. The best solution is that we all go to bed at the same time.

That doesn't mean that all is well in the land of kitties. Every evening there is a long drawn out process of get them to settle down while they sit around batting their eyelids (the same way tired children do), all the while fighting the urge to go to sleep.

Why is it that we fight the things that are good for us? We do it in our spiritual walk as well. God draws us to a closer relationship with Him and what do we do? We pull away and avoid His presence.

If that is where you are at right now I encourage you to surrender to God's love, His presence and His peace. When you do you will find spiritual rest for your soul and the benefits far outweigh the those of physical sleep.

Nighty night, little ones!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A little bit of mint

It was just one of those days in the office when things just don't work the way they should and needless to say it just left me irritable and frustrated. While on the drive home a migraine developed and coming home was no joy either as I arrived home to find that we had no water and warning came late.

Luckily there was enough water in the taps for me to fill the bottom of the steamer, so it was steamed butternut and fish for dinner. I had heard somewhere recently that the scent of mint can help ease a migraine so I boiled up some mint, lavender and a leaf of rose scented geranium to make a bath essence. Luckily for me the water came back after dinner so I hopped into the bath, added the scent and a dash of eucalyptus oil and melted away my troubles.

As much as fragrant herbs can bring healing and clarity of mind, the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit can bring the anointed healing of God and minister to us in many ways. We do not have to rely on a priest to minister God's anointing to us, Christians can minister one to another.

Typically although scriptural anointing oil has many spices mixed together, today we will usually use olive oil for this purpose. By means of application a small amount of oil is usually dabbed on the forehead followed by prayer.

If you are struggling with your health right now, ask a believing friend to anoint you with oil, pray together and stand in faith for your healing. God will honour your prayer!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fresh lime green

One of the beauties of spring are the fresh lime green leaves on display everywhere! They announce loud and clear that spring has commenced and that life may well feel a little easier. Surprisingly though this spring we have gone straight to temperatures well in the 30'sC, which is quite strange for this time of the year. We normally manage quite a few weeks with moderate 20's before the summer temperatures start. Probably has something to do with the lack of rain we've had this year.

With fresh leaves come a fresh start to a new season of new gardening fun, lazy days in the sun with family and friends. With longer daylight hours the days seem longer and we feel we are able to achieve more and yet time for spiritual matters still seems strained. Are there ways in which we can make our spiritual growth easier?

I think we can. If you are anything like me when you are playing on the Internet you could have 3 or 4 web pages open at the same time, fleeting between each. How about fleeting to a christian website and read some interesting articles? How about becoming curious about a particular spiritual topic and googling information about that? I have also mentioned that some websites sell christian books free of charge so downloading some of those could be of great help to you.

In our information age, information about spiritual topics is easily obtained so it boils down to a choice about whether or not we are willing to put ourselves out to take the time to use the tools and information available. I'd like to encourage you to do so as this can only help lead you to a deeper and more meaningful walk with God.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Huddled round

Today as we huddled round a radio to catch the broadcast of the Oscar Pistorious trial verdict, thoughts crossed my mind of how the world waited and held its breath while Neil Armstrong and crew proceeded as they took their first walk on the moon.

This lead to thoughts about other key moments in history which people had come together to experience while huddled round a radio. News of the 1st and 2nd world wars as they raged on I Germany, Japan and in many other countries around the world; the coronation of Queen Elizabeth; broadcasts of major sporting events and many, many more.

Why is it that hearing news live is so key in our lives? I believe it is because one way or another, these events will fundamentally change the way we view our world. We may be delighted and overjoyed at the events or we may even be totally horrified about the news we are hearing. Our world view has a major impact on the kind of people we become.

Our world view however does not only shape our beliefs about the people on this planet but also the way in which we view religion. Many people the world over have turned their back on God due to the disappointment they felt over a particular incident and this happens even more when a religious figure falls from grace and one we all remember well in this case would be the Jimmy Swaggart scandal.

As a church today we have a responsibility to consider what people will think when they view our actions today and whether or not we maintain the integrity of God's church and the ministry.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Planning, planning!

I met with the company who are doing my renovations to do some planning and get some advice about the project work to be done next month and boy I am stressed. Although their staff are experienced the fact that I haven't been through anything like this before has me really nervous. I keep thinking about all the things that can go wrong and what if I don't have everything I need???? Questions, questions!!!

Luckily for me, the lady in charge has offered to go with me on the day I do the purchases to give final guidance and make those last decisions, so I do feel a little more relieved. I just have to hope that they don't get too busy to make it. She also showed me some of the work her guy has done on the bathrooms of their managing offices and I must say I was impressed with the finishing...looked very neat.

We all put a lot of planning into the projects we do in life, but do we give the same thought to our spiritual growth? I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to do three years of bible school, but in reality although similar opportunities are available to all, not all of us will make the decision to sacrifice the time to do it. So am I gloating, No! What I am asking though is, what decisions or plans have you made to make your spiritual growth a priority?

You may say that you don't have the time or the money to attend a college, but we can all do personal self study. Are you willing to ask the tough questions and see what you can do? By way of a soft whisper in your ear, you might be surprised at how many free Christian ebooks you can get on Amazon, so why not take a look?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Look how far we've come

It fascinates me how far technology has come and how devices have merged. I was commenting to a colleague today that it annoys me that I have been able to follow the whole Oscar trial on my cell phone radio and now that the verdict is imminent, I won't be able to catch it because of my cell phone being stolen.

I can still remember the 'old days' when walking round with a radio was cool, oh and then came the boom box with the double tape deck and radio combo, and oh my CD's were just the hottest thing! Oh and do you remember starting up a PC program using DOS commands....yoh, giving away my age here!

We say we need these gadgets to make our lives easier, but don't they form much of the clutter that takes our attention away from finding time to seek God? I think in many ways they can. I remember times gone past when mid week church meetings calling people to prayer, refreshing of the Holy Spirit and growing in God were the most exciting place to be but now days we just don't see that any more. We have packaged religion on the shelf for our Sunday activity and forgotten what it means to be touched by God's anointed power.

I believe that God is calling the church back to Himself, back to moving in His anointing and knowing the power and reverence of His divine presence. If you are longing for a move of God in your life the same way I long for Him in mine, then pray with me....

Come Holy Spirit come!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The job is not finished yet

Jesus work was done. He had given His life, descended to the depths of hell, stolen the keys of death, hell and the grave and set the captives free. He had ascended to the Father and offered His blood, the atoning sacrifice for our sin, and set mankind free to enjoy union with God and everlasting salvation.

For most of us, that is where we think the work ended, but in truth it was only the beginning. The beginning of what? The beginning of the era of the church, the bride of Christ. While on earth Jesus alone could perform miracles and display the majesty of God to a dying world, but with His departure He ushered in the dominion of the Holy Spirit.

Through the Holy Spirit the church of Christ has grown today to a global body of believers and yet today, more than any time in history, we see the persecution of believers continuing at a staggering rate. Now more than ever God is waiting on His bride to put on the garment of righteousness, to walk in faith and declare His kingdom to all mankind. Yet with all this, something is missing.

I can hear you say, “how can you say that?” but it is true. With our fast paced world and the growing ruts we find our lives in there is something we are sorely lacking.........Revival! The church of old is gone and God is calling us to cry our for rain on our parched earth but not the rain of water, the rain of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

How do we usher in revival?.........................We Pray!