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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cremora cat

You guessed it, Ginger.....and why Cremora cat?  Because he is always on top of the cupboards.  So much so that I have to make sure he has a place to sleep on top of the one.  For some time it was a way to get a away from the baby but not so much any more.  I can't quite figure out why he always likes being high up.....but I think I might have an idea.

Back in the good old days they built houses with built in cupboards they were strong and sturdy, not like the cheap melamine rubbish you find today and they had quite a bit of space up top.  I remember as a very young child, playing with my then best friend Tammy at her house and Tammy had made the top of her cupboard, her little "secret hiding place".  Well not so secret if mom knows where to find you....tee hee!

Well in Psalm 57:1 David says that he will find shelter under the shadow of God's wing and that he will find refuge there.
Psalm 57

Psalm 91 Tells us that when we dwell in the secret place of the most High, we can call Him our refuge and fortress.  

Psalm 91

I have in recent days been crying out to God to draw me closer to Him and to keep my soul protected from the worries that plague my mind.  It has required setting new daily disciplines but as I have I feel most certain that my relationship with God is growing even stronger. 

I want to encourage you not to skip the links inserted in today's blog, click on them and read Psalm 57 & 91 and call on your God to be your refuge and strength.

Monday, April 17, 2017

All creative and stuff

When we celebrate Easter we use the symbol of the egg as a symbol of new life and new things.  Well having spent the long weekend at home I grabbed the opportunity to do anything and everything creative that I could.  I am building a fairy/gnome garden.  I have finished the first house and placed it in the garden and then I have painted the stones for the yellow brick road which will hopefully get laid today.

While working in the garden I decided I had to tame the shrew that had become my 4 gooseberry bushes that had grown completely wild and uncontrollable.  I split them up and placed two in the front garden to give them more space to grow. 

I started learning to sew again with my friends mom and went for my first "lesson" which was really just to get to know my machine and what it can do.  Now I need to start finding time to practice and get something made soon so that I don't loose the knack of it. 

New things come in all shapes and forms and I know that God loves it when we are creative and build/make beautiful new things to bring him glory.  God in His essence is still the most magnificent creator of them all.  To this day new stars are born in the galaxies, new plants grow, new babies are born to both human and animal parents every day.  God has never stopped creating and so should we. 

If you haven't tapped into your creative side for a long time then I really want to encourage you to do that.  Being creative brings forth new life both physically and to the soul. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Want to / Need to

We all struggle with this decision every day.  What do we want to do versus what do we need to do?  When we are lucky the want to do decision can win and we can allow ourselves the time to play, sleep, relax, visit friends or whatever it is we want.  At other times though, the need to do scenario must take precedence and we need to just get done what we have to. 

Jesus faced that very struggle at Gethsemane.  He knew the path ahead and this was the final pit stop, His final opportunity to back out of the plan and run away or stand firm and face the moment of His betrayal.  He could have run......He could have said, "sorry Father, I'm just not ready." 

Thankfully.....He didn't. 

Jesus surrendered His will to God, faced His betrayer and followed the path that lead to Calvary.  Oh and thank God He did!  Our lives would never have been the same if He didn't.

So next time you are faced with a want to vs need to decision, make the choice that is right for you, but remember Jesus and the price He paid for you!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Just a little more time

I find myself often wishing that I could just have a few more hours to the day.  A few more hours before I have to go to bed, or go to work or whatever, just a few more hours to get the things done that I really want to do.  That never happens!

I wonder if Jesus had the same thoughts too as He rode into Jerusalem on that wonderful Palm Sunday?  I wonder if He said, "Father can we delay this plan just a little bit longer, just so that I can have more time with my disciples, after all it has only been three years."

I know that pain of longing for more time.  Today I have celebrated Topaz's allotted birthday, I say that because we don't know the exact date.  However I have also caught myself feeling very emotional too, remembering back to this time last year and that it was my final few weeks with my beloved Honey-Bear and I didn't even know it.  How I wish I could have done more for him.  Tickled him more, cuddled him more and had more time to think of maybe finding a painless medical solution to his little problems.  My heart has been broken and shattered as I think of this. 

I know Jesus must have felt similar fears and pain because He actually did know what was about to come and that His time of presence here on earth was coming to an end.  There is so little solace that can come at a time like this, but I know Jesus knew that His death and departure would bring about the advent of a new era, a new era of us walking in the eternal life that He created us to live. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Everybody's shuffeling

You have just got to love South African humour!  Amidst all the drama and mayhem that our good president has brought to us with his disastrous cabinet reshuffle and the subsequent Standard And Poor's downgrade to "Junk" status, an Earthquake rocks Botswana with tremors felt all over South Africa.....and what's the Joke?  Zuma's reshuffling the provinces too.....Bwahahaha!

But it is no laughing matter at all!  For now, greed has won the day.  I wonder though, for how long?  South Africans are not the type of people just to turn a blind eye and let it be, no we fight, we fight very hard!  The end of the story has not yet come. 

With Easter approaching and being mindful of Christ, we know where that story ends.  We know the devil thought he had won the day on 'Good Friday' but He had no idea of the hiding he was about to be delivered three days later.........and somehow, Zuma I think you will feel the same!  

Is it right to mix religion and politics?  When it is real life and there are real consequences, I feel an absolute yes is appropriate, after all, the bad guys have forgotten one important lesson I remember all too well from 1994.....South Africa is a praying nation.  As Christians, it is time to get on bended knee and bended heart once again and pray that our beautiful country will rise again too, just as Jesus did!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Bumper sticker or not?

I love my little Hyundai Atos!  It has served me well for the past 10+ years and has been fairly economical compared to my previous Jetta.  One of the niggles I have had with it though is with the paint work.  At one stage I had large patches of paint peeling off the bonnet.  After a motor accident some time back I got the bonnet repainted and fixed the accident damage and my little bug was good to go again.

Alas!  A large patch has opened on the roof and it has me worried.  It got me back to thinking about the 80's and when bumper stickers were all the rage and they were particularly useful for the old rusted sca-donks that roamed the roads and many a car had entire sections of stickers.  Boy am I glad that phase passed.  So I started wondering if I should not just stick a sticker over my problem and be done with it, haha!  (Don't worry mom, I won't actually do it, tee hee!)

[There's another point to ponder....how often don't we cover our problems with a fake smile, a laugh, or sarcasm?]

The thing about Christians and the 80's and those stickers was that it was often the cars/drivers with the most stickers that drove the worst.  Eish, what a bad rap they gave us poor bible believing Christians.....heheee.  Truth be told, I've trashed my Christian status with my behaviour before and I feel aweful for it and so I should. 

How about we don't let the external things of life determine our witness?  How about we find a way to accept our humanity and try to be kind at all times.  After all isn't it the goodness and kindness of God that leads us to repentance....let's rather let that be our witness!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Four leaves over

If you love gardening the way I do, you'll know how exciting it is to watch plants grow. One such item I have been watching with interest all season is my pomegranate tree that I planted last year as a baby tree. My challenge to it all season long has been that I just wanted it to grow tall enough this year so that I can see its leaves over my garden wall as I arrive home.

Well, what do you know? It happened this week. As I pulled into my parking spot one evening I could just see four little leaves peering over the wall, you can imagine my joy. Funny thing is when you look at it, most of the growth has been and umbrella effect, it sent out one branch shoot, straight up....almost as if to say....”challenge accepted!”

Now imagine God's great joy when He sees us growing, not only in our relationship with Him, but in our faith levels and belief that He can and will do in our lives what He says in His word He will do.

I challenge you today to say to God yourself, “Okay God, challenge accepted!”