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Thursday, August 27, 2015

God in a purr

The other night I hadn’t had any time to get to writing due to some urgent issues that needed my attention but later that evening as I browsed through FB I came across photo’s of a dear friends funeral service.  I was surprised that anyone had photographed such an intimate family moment but it did allow those of us who could not be there to share in the moment.

As I grieved I started crying.  By now my little Ginger boy was on my lap and as I cried he gently pawed at me over and over, which made me cry even more.  Here was my little kitty trying to console and comfort his human mommy in the only way he could.  I could not have felt closer to God than at that time as this precious little being was doing the work of the Holy Spirit and comforting me. 

We look for God in the strangest places yet all we have to do is turn to His creation and we will not only see Him everywhere but we truly will feel Him too.  If your heart is broken and you are searching for love and comfort look to God in His creation and you are sure to find your comforter there!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Here we go again!

So round about now I don't know whether I should be blaming my network service provider or Microsoft but my darn data has disappeared again and I don't know how much I'm going to get done by using my phone's wifi......  :-(  Needless to say I'll have to keep it short. 

Thinking back to last nights discussion and thinking about repeating things, this is the way the Holy Spirit chooses to teach us the important lessons of life that help us to grow in the fruit of the Spirit.  He will allow us to go through challenge after challenge until we learn to master that skill. 

One of my bible school lecturers used to say that our purpose on earth is to learn to worship God and there is no time that we worship Him more than when we are faced with our humanity and our limitations and compare that to the splendid wonder of His universe creating power. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Act of kindness

Friends, apologies for the silence.  I had not intended stopping writing until advising that I would be on leave but I had unforseen problems with my network service provider and by the time that was resolved I really needed the break.  I am back now and really looking forward to getting stuck in. 

I am very surprised by a recent incident in which I tried to resolve a problem that did affect me but entailed other parties as well.  Being the type of person that I am, always wanting to be of assistance, I tried to get the ball rolling with getting the problem resolved, but one of the other parties took offense at my interference. 

That makes me think....has our world become so twisted and agressive that people can no longer identify an act of kindness?  As Christians we should know that kindness is part of the fruit of the Spirit so that behaviour should be an integral part of our lives.  I am now beginning to think that for some of us, we may be failing at this calling.  I don't say this by means of judgement or condemnation but by means of a gentle nudge to ask ourselves the question of whether or not we are walking in the fruit of the Spirit of God. 

Take some time to ponder that thought and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in identifying in which areas of your spiritual walk with God you need assistance in growing in the fruit of the Spirit.  By means of a heads up, should you be so bold expect the Holy Spirit to teach you this by means of putting you into situations where you will need to use it. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The week before

My goodness the week before going on leave is always the most stressful part of my year, especially when it is my annual two week break.  I always have such high hopes of achieving great things and being the hero but it just never quite works out that way.  This week so far one our national banks has been the bane of our existence and set me back by hours.

The one thing I do know is what I'm in for when I do eventually get back...about 6 weeks of hell.  Catch up is never fun but it has to be done.  It is all still very doable though and I have been through worse so I know I'll survive. 

The most important thing is to know what your strengths are and to work directly with those, forget about your weaknesses and if people think you're a drag, shrug it off...surviving a time like this is crucial. 

Spiritually speaking in life we need to learn to do the same thing.  When obstacles come our way, don't be thrown by minor defects in your spiritual life, know what your spiritual strengths are and make sure that you hone in on those. 

And always remember........I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Cars in the park

On Sunday a good friend and I decided to attend the Cars in the Park exhibition at Zwartkops raceway, but not before stopping at Wimpy for breakfast.  Seeing all the cars was really amazing but of particular interest to me was the condition of the various vehicles. 

Some had been restored to absolute pristine condition while others had been left in a slightly shabby state.  That made me wonder if the owners had done so to retain the authenticity of the vehicle, or whether they were still in the process of being restored or whether they just didn't really care to much to put an effort in. 

When people look at our lives what do they see?  Do they see a Christian that has a solid relationship with God and cares for the world?  Do they see a Christian who has lost themselves in the past to the point where they are not prepared to move forward and put their best effort forth?  Do they see a Christian who has lost all hope of ever seeing God renew their lives? 

Sure I know that restoring the soul is just as much hard work as restoring and old car, but when the job is done, we will be spectacular to all who will peep through our windows, stare at our dashboard and wonder what it must be like to be behind the wheel of this beauty.  

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fire ball

Once again had the exciting opportunity to shower and dress for work by candle light, thanks to our wonderful Eskom and once again, wow, I love my little gas heater!!!!!   The tiny thing blasts out heat at an incredible rate and I had it on the lowest it could go (and yes I did have the door open for safety). 

Even when I moved away from the face of the heater, I could feel how well it was heating the whole room.  Now I'm definitely never going to make a gas heater a permanent option, especially for the bedroom but it sure is great to have as a backup. 

Jesus likened us to a lamp that lights the whole room but I want to take that one step further.  Why not look at ourselves as the loving fire of God that warms a whole community?  We live in a world filled with anger, hate, violence and mayhem and so many people are longing for and looking for love. 

I want to encourage you to let the fire of your love for God warm those around you and attract people to Christ through His love!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back to the Doc

So the flu nabbed me again for the second time this month and I woke up at 3am Monday morning coughing my lungs out.  This time round I did not have the strength to face another 10-12 days of fighting the bug on my own so it was off to the Doc and antibiotics were dispensed (which I had managed to duck the first time).  It is always hard getting back into routine after an illness but I guess the only way is to plough through it. 

I'll admit that it is hard not to get despondent when you are ill but as I sit here I know that my circumstances are mild in comparison to others.  My darling gran is in hospital waiting for hip surgery tomorrow and we received news tonight that one of my mom's cousins passed away, so it is a difficult season for us to deal with as a family right now. 

So tonight I ask not for prayers for myself as I am now well on the mend but for the rest of my family who need strength.  Tonight's message may not be one that inspires hope or excitement but it is certainly an honest request for support. 

I know one thing for certain, in God all things are possible and healing comes to all in the manner of His choosing.