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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sterkfontein adventure

This weekend has been a blast.  On Saturday one of my pals, Vanessa, joined me as we went on a short road trip to Sterkfontein caves and Maropeng out at the cradle of human kind.  Maropeng visitors centre was really fun but the best for me were the caves.  I am absolutely fascinated by geology. 

Although the sections open to the tour are considerably smaller and shorter than that of the Sudwala caves in Mpumalanga were I grew up, Sterkfontein did have something special to offer, that being an under ground lake, which has never been fully explored due to its depth and the darkness of the cave.  Sadly one poor soul did loose his life trying.  I am sure at some point those in the deep sea diving industry may be able to lend a hand to make it possible. 

In much the same way as this subterranean lake runs deep and far and must undoubtedly supply sustaining water resources the areas it feeds, so too our relationship with Christ can grow to the level and strength that it becomes our total source of power. 

Do you have that source of power in your life?  If not, why not consider developing a real relationship with God and not just follow religion. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas with the gogga's

I tried really hard to fight it, but the Christmas spirit eventually got a hold of me.  I had given away my tiny Christmas tree some time ago and have not replaced it yet so I decided to be different I wanted to make my own Christmas decorations by making some bedazzled and beaded pine cones. 

Pine cones hold many special memories for me of our childhood years in Nelspruit and the countless times we'd head off into the surrounding forests.  So on Monday on my way home from work I gathered a bag full of pine cones and brought them home to work on.  Some looked fairly clean so I figured I could get to work on them straight away.  Ha! Mother nature reminded me that these cones had been on the ground a while and had been inhabited by some tiny little critters.  After the fright of the bugs crawling out I took them outside to wash and pour over some citronella oil.  Needless to say I only managed to get one decorated before I ran out of time.  At least it will keep me out of mischief for a while. 

The Christmas story is rather messy too.  A stable certainly is not the type of place I would want to bring a new born baby into this world, but what could Mary do?  She had to make the most of a very bad situation.  Likewise our individual salvation stories may be messy, maybe because of a background of drugs, alcohol or abuse keeping us captive to our past. 

As much as we celebrate Christ's birth at Christmas it is already a reminder for us of why He came, that being to save us for eternity.  Whatever your story is, do not fear the mess, come to Christ as you are and His love will transform you. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The end of the Ronosaurus

On the 5th of January this year I wrote a blog called, “The year of the Ronosaurus”. The Ronosaurus was a Dinosaur that had breached extinction and was forging a way into the future. This year has indeed been a year about breaking barriers and changing direction. There have been changes in the physical realm as well as the emotional and spiritual realms that have shifted dramatically over the past year, and I am grateful for every change.

I believe it is time for the Ronosaurus to bow out as the lead character within my life and for the year ahead 2015 to be declared the 'Lion heart' year. I have faith that the year ahead will see bold new expeditions and forge me on into a year of victory!

What are you believing for in the next year? I challenge you to write it down and make it clear. There is tremendous power in writing down a vision and making it plain for all to see! As 2014 draws to a close, take some time to reflect back on the joys and sorrows of life and what you have learned through both the good and the bad that have come from the year.

Then set forth your goals for the coming year and BELIEVE!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014


I really tried hard on Wednesday night to get to bed early as I was really feeling the fatigue. All went well until about 2am on Thursday morning when a really loud thunder storm rolled in. It woke me up with a fright but more so my poor kitties. Honey particularly hates all the loud storms. Well after that it was tickets to getting any real sleep, every time I drifted into dream land the kitties woke me up for one reason or another. My biggest worry as I settle down to bed tonight was seeing the dark clouds rolling back in. What I wouldn't give now for a clear starry night.

The wonderful thing though is that even though thunder storms are loud and scary, they roll in and the roll out again fairly quickly. If you are at all lucky there's lots of noise but not too much damage.

That's what the devil does. He arrives in our life and makes his presence known with lots of noise and plenty of evidence that he is going to wreck havoc but when we are rooted and grounded in Christ the storms may blow and our branches may bow, but we will never befall a fate that God has not ordained for our lives. I'm not saying God causes storms, but rather that He allows the storms of life to build our character.

If you are facing a scary storm now, take heart and ask God to be your shelter. We can rest peacefully through any trial knowing that God is for us.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Flavour burst

I've been enjoying having herbs to use in my salads again, but I hadn't used any in cooking. I decided that tonight was the night to try it. Well I can honestly say, my new favourite easy pasta dish tasted simply spectacular with just a few fresh herbs added, I was so chuffed!

Changing the way we experience things can change our outlook on life. A cup of coffee on a couch is nice but a cup of coffee in your favourite spot in the garden can bring tranquility. The same would be true of our experience of faith. When we change the way we experience God, new aspects of faith are opened up to us.

What do I mean by that? Well for instance if you only ever read your bible from a New King James version, using and Amplified version may change your understanding of the scripture. We must not be afraid to mix things up a little with our christian walk, this allows us to experience God in ways we may never have imagined.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fountain of youth

So a cousin and a good friend nagged me to share my tips on ageing gracefully. Lol! I think my body parts south of my neck might not agree. I could say that it is because I drank from a fountain of naturally filtered waters in the Sudwala caves in Mpumalanga not once but several times that my skin has stayed young, but oh that's just a fairy tale.

I do have some genetic factors that play a role, good skin in the family and red heads just don't go grey until late, but I do have some good secrets of my own that do work. Firstly skin care does play a huge role, using the right formula for either dry, combination or oily skin is critical. If that's not done right then the PH levels don't normalise and you break out in pimples. Massaging the skin correctly when cleansing is important to remove impurities. Using a good scrub is essential but my biggest tip is, moisturise and moisturise some more. That helps to keep the skin cells plump and full. I usually moisturise before and after using a hair dryer as the hot air dries your skin.

Diet wise my biggest secret there is lots and lots of salads and then very importantly, I consume as much vinegar as I can manage. Vinegar cleans the blood and also purifies the skin, minimising break outs. Another key indicator that vinegar works well is the fact that it was also used during mummification. All in all these few things keep my skin clean and plumped up.

So what does all this have to do with our spiritual walk? A lot actually. Just like the right skin care products are essential for beauty, the correct application of the word of God to our lives is essential. Just like vinegar cleans the blood, we need to allow the word of God to work in our hearts to cleanse us from within.

But what is the greatest spiritual beauty tip of them all? Making sure you are connected to God, after all, is He not the resurrection and the life? Is He not the one who can quicken our mortal bodies and revive life within us? Oh yes, my biggest beauty secret is is being refreshed by the one who gives life in the first place.

What's your secret?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Think like a man

Now now ladies, hear me out! I had to remind myself today that emotions are fickle. How many times do we (men and women) get caught up with paranoid thoughts about what other people think of us, say about us or maybe even what we think they might be plotting against us. We may even overreact to a situation (I know I've done it many times) only to discover that this was not the case at all.

Here is where simple logic comes in and ladies, I think men are generally better at this than we are and thus my title. I do however know that men are also capable of great depth of heart and spirit and at times may loose themselves as easily as we can. Logic however must begin with simple questions. Unfortunately I can't tell you what those questions are but if you start questioning your thoughts, you will soon find out that you are on the wrong track.

You also need to give yourself some grace. Don't put yourself down so easily. Most people who know you would probably say that you are a good person with a good heart, so trust the norm and not the exception. I think when you cut yourself some slack and just breath a little you will feel a sense of calm and peace returning and that is when you can then pray and ask God to guide your thoughts and actions and return you to a state of joy.