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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The tease

Our department runs a vending machine on our floor.  In addition we have a box of sweeties and small chips that we use to capture all the loose change flying around.  This week it is mine and another colleagues turn to look after the goodies. 

Dopey here (me) forgot to pack the small tuck box away when I left work on Tuesday.  Luckily for me no-one stole the box or the cash box either, but it was a rather stupid thing to do.  One of my colleagues working in the same cubicle decided it would be fun to hide it and then tell me that they wanted something from it.  Naturally as I started looking for it and could not find it I started to panic. 

My colleague tried to contain his amusement but he has the naughtiest face possible and it didn't take me long to figure out I was being pranked.....Lol! Well I had it coming...tee hee!  The wonderful thing for me was that this was a nice fun and positive way to tease me, but how often in life do we not see people do that to simply break people down or bully them?

Let us try to remember that no person, big or small, likes to have some part of their self esteem broken down.  It is good to tease, but let's do it in a way that does not leave a person feeling demoralized.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have said it many times before that I love watching survivor, so last night was the finale of the season we are getting in SA, so that kind of swallowed up all my time, although I did have a ton of chores to do as well as attend a short meeting.

I'm always fascinated by that final tribal council, my goodness can people get nasty for nothing.  I am also surprised at how often I get the winner wrong, tee hee, I must be missing the point of the game somewhere  and last night was no exception.  I had anticipated one winner because I liked the way he had played the season but somehow another contestant won.  Her arguments though had made perfect sense considering she had been on loosing teams the whole way through and had to fight to stay in the game. She had managed to adapt to new teams quickly and learned to win people over fast.

Being adaptable to new circumstances is never easy but it is an important part of life.  I'll admit that I'm not the best people person, but I work hard at it and will always try to win people over if I can.  I've found the most important part has to never be afraid of conflict and to use it positively to not only express my views but allow others to be honest with me as well.

What we need to focus on is to always keep God first in mind when we go into a conflict situation and ask God for wisdom, grace, strength, understanding and compassion.  When we open our hearts and share from our being while remaining compassionate you can only win.  

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Teaching the teacher

Today was my first day of being on duty at children's church and I loved every minute.  Every time I am with the little ones I learn so much more about their world and it is a blessing to be involved.  Although I've been attending Mosaiek church for quite some time it was the first time I truly felt at home. 

The amazing thing for me was that all through the service I kept thinking, why not do it this way or that way.  Luckily from previous courses I've attended I was taught to listen to that voice as it is not necessarily the voice of negativity or judgement but rather the voice of the Holy Spirit teaching me how He wanted me to do things so that I can minister from my own unique skill set. 

I think in life we all too often look at being critical as negative but in truth it can be really helpful, that is if we learn to apply that attitude to our own personal development rather than using it to break other people down.

So I invite you, go ahead, look at something in your life with a helpful critical attitude and you may be surprised at the solutions God brings into your mind.  

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Backup plan

We've all been there, you think you have life under control but before you know it, swoosh and you're in a pickle!  That is when we hatch our back up plan.  We keep our old cell phones in case the new one gets stolen or breaks down, we buy a house with two bedrooms when we only need one because the extra space can come in handy, we buy the sleeper couch for guests and then end up using it ourselves due to a variety or circumstances.

Mankind has a need to feel secure  and safe and that is why our backup plans work for us.  Even if we think we may never use something, we keep it, just in case!  The truth is we don't only use it in our homes, companies do it as well.  Staff are cross trained on each others roles and extensive business continuity plans are drawn up and tested on a regular basis. 

The thing is, don't we sometimes treat God like our backup plan?  We trick ourselves into thinking we need something now and instead of planning, saving and standing in faith for the things we want or need in our lives, we jump straight in and buy it on credit. 

Standing in faith and believing God to provide for our needs takes spiritual work, it isn't easy but it is exactly what God requires for us.  His word says that without faith it is impossible to please God, therefore living any other way does not meet His requirements for us. 

I know it is tough but if you're about to make a big decision, stop and ask yourself the question:  Am I truly acting in faith in this situation?  You are in my thoughts and prayers as you decide.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

He drops he scores!

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the world famous 1995 Rugby World Cup Final, played right here in my own back yard at Ellis Park!  The excitement had been building through the weeks as the Boks played their way out of the group stages and made it through the knock out matches to eventually be faced with New Zealand in the final.  That Hakka never looked so menacing as it did that day but nothing and I mean nothing could beat that Boeing flying over the stadium.

I was doing second year bible school at the time so watched the match with a bunch of school friends and what a blast!  It was one drop kick by Joel Stransky that sent our nation into a delightful uproar and put our country into the history books.  Nobody was going to sleep that night so we headed over to the then Randburg Waterfront and you could not move in that place.  It was bumper to bumper bodies and we just had a ball.

What a joy to remember that day and as I heard on the radio today it is truly sad to say that we were more united and joyous on that one day than we are today.  Our nation had been taken out of the grip of apartheid and liberated and then we celebrated.  So sad that today we are not enjoying the best fruits of that time.

As a church we need time to celebrate as well, time to reflect on the goodness and grace of God which is why church festival times are so important.  Churches today all have their own way of expressing this but when we tap into that we will indeed grow in our relationship with God.

What are you celebrating today? 

Monday, June 22, 2015

For the sake of a clutch - Ferrari Vs Lamborghini

It all began over an argument about a clutch.  Ferruccio Lamborghini wasn't happy with the clutch on his new Ferrari and being an outspoken man, not satisfied with the service he was getting, he took his complaints to the top...to Enzo Ferrari himself.  Enzo took exception to receiving criticism about his automobile from a young tractor manufacturer and dismissed the man.  So Lamborghini took his love for fast cars and turned it into a passion for vindication. 

This story sheds important light on dealing with the subject of how we receive criticism into our lives.  Some people banish criticism to the junk pile and dismiss the message along with the messenger, while others take criticism to heart but allow the message to destroy their self esteem. 

What God desires is that we learn to filter criticism and to use it for our own development and growth but not allow it to destroy the truth of who we are in Him..... strong, courageous and victor's in Christ!  Changing our attitude towards criticism can well change the altitude of our achievements. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's their turn now

As much as I hate winter, there is one thing I try to remind myself of and that is that it is the turn of the folks living in the northern hemisphere of our planet to have summer.  Especially when you consider that many northern hemisphere countries experience far harsher winters than we do. 

It is only natural though to be day dreaming about spring and what we'll get done while spring arrives.  A big project for me right now if the front garden remodeling.  I am almost finished digging out the plants I don't want.  What I had allowed as part of my gardening experiment was to allow the mint I had planted there to grow wild......not such a great idea.  The very nature of mint and the fact that every branch that touches the ground grows roots and then also that the roots underground spread makes it extremely difficult to get out.  That is why I am digging it all out now so that I can see what still pops up before new planting gets done.  I have a sneaky suspicion I may still end up with it recurring no matter how hard I try to clear it.

Spiritually that can happen too.  We plant things in our lives deliberately or by accident because we think they are good but at the end of the day it causes more damage than good.  Digging up the roots of bad habits and sin can be extremely difficult, so the moral of the story is for us to keep the garden of our heart well pruned and in check.